How To Achieve The Perfect Male Body Ratio

Losing weight isn't the world's easiest thing to do, but it can be done. Having a full body workout is very important to help enhance your look and lose weight in every area of your body. In this article, you will see how in 2 short hours a week you can achieve a better looking body.

How To Achieve The Perfect Male Body Ratio…

It's a simple calculation: Burn more calories then you take in, that's all that you have to do on a daily basis to burn off those extra calories. Albeit, having a higher metabolism makes it a whole lot easier.

The only way to achieve the perfect male body ratio is doing simple, specific exercises to lose your physical body fat. When you lose all your body fat, then your muscles will start to look more visible to you and others. Aside from exercising, it's also important to eat healthy on a regular basis to prevent fat storage in your body.

– Side Push Ups

As you can see, I love exercises that are minimal in movement, but maximum in muscle building results. This exercise looks easy enough, but if done correctly can blast your arms, along with core, giving you full definition in your biceps, triceps and mid-section. I am always looking for quick ways to work my arms. This exercise is great for work breaks, but is also great to do at the gym. It's a great exercise since it works your biceps, triceps and deltoids. By keeping your core engaged it will also work your waist. Nice bonus, huh?

– Push Ups

Push ups are great for building up your chest. While it is normal for it to make your chest a bit big, you will find that it can turn your bad fat into real muscle. It is a powerful trick that can really work. There are times when most people really struggle with doing push ups effectively. The best way to do them effectively is by taking your time going all the way down to the floor. The closer you are to the floor the more powerful each push up will really be.

Muscle blasting exercise is a crucial component to the perfect male body ratio, but watch out these real killers…

– Preservatives

Junk, fast, processed, and frozen foods all have preservatives which can cause great damage to your body system. Studies have proven if you're interested to be truly healthy, you must consume food that were found hundreds of years ago. Cookie dough, donuts, and frozen pizza were not found before, which is why they aren't worth buying.

– Long Expiration Dates

Unhealthy foods expire for a very long time, and so the food takes awhile for your body to digest. If the certain food you eat has a long expiration date, that's how long it will stay in your stomach. Healthy food such as fruits and veggies expire quickly, which make them easy to digest.

So you want that perfect male body ratio? Try these!

Top Fat Burning Foods


Yogurt contains live active cultures which will burn the excess fats in your body. Yogurt is low in calorie and sugar, allowing you to enjoy the delicious snack without worrying it will cause you to gain weight. Most people perceive healthy food to be tasteless, but considering yogurt is highly delicious, that belief is completely false.


People have always thought almonds were unhealthy due to their high fatty content. However, a handful of them a day will actually burn your body fat. Just make sure you never over eat almonds, as it can cause you to gain weight.

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